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  • Whether it is sitting outside enjoying a cup of coffee or doing an outdoor workout, whatever the activity is just try to get your nature fix on Sunday. You will be happy you did it when you’re sitting at your desk on Monday, and as a plus it’ll energize you for the new week!
  • The state of your home often reflects the state of your life. Start the week off with a clean house and a clear mind. So, do your home chores at the weekend. Same applies to your office desk. You don't want to find it all messy on Monday morning just to get demotivated as soon as you walk into your office. Do you remember one of our first blog posts?
  • In order to get mentally prepared for the week ahead, go over your schedule and tasks that you need to accomplish in the forthcoming week. It eases the mind to know what’s in store for you and it also prepares you for the upcoming week.
  • Once you know what you need to accomplish, write it down. Get a planner or a diary with a to-do list section. When you have all the tasks/meetings noted down try to prioritize them and plan them for specific days/times.
  • Laying out outfits the night before saves plenty of time and some stress as well. You are not left scrambling to find something clean to wear each morning or to simply hesitate what you should wear. Also, if you know you will be working out during lunch or after work prep for it as well. Leaving rucksack with your workout gear in the hallway or putting it in the car the day before will guarantee you won’t forget it.
  • Meal plan! May sound as a waste of time, but even if it’s just writing down a few meal ideas, it’ll make the week run much more smoothly. Try to do your weekly grocery shopping either on Saturday or Sunday and do not run to the store during the week every time you need something. This saves tons of time!

My personal fav is prepping breakfast a day ahead.


On Sundays, I make overnight chia seed pudding which, to me, is like finding a treasure on Monday morning. I simply squash one ripe banana in an empty jar, add 2 table spoons of chia seeds and add 200 ml of milk (can be almond or coconut as well), stir, close the jar and leave it in the fridge overnight. Key to the success? Do not forget your breakfast at home. I take mine to work, pop it into a bowl, sometimes I add fresh fruit and voila! Munching on my pudding while checking the Monday e-mails ensues.

Go to bed extra early on Sunday nights and spend some time unplugged to decompress before the work week begins. Take a bath, read or listen to music and let your mind relax.

Of course, no week is the same and some of these things sometimes may not happen or will get shuffled around and happen on Saturday or Monday. But, in my perfect world, I would end my Sunday feeling prepared and ready for the week ahead.

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