Don't ruin the Christmas party

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Christmas is coming and with it, company parties. Some people look forward to the Christmas party all year round, others attend it out of necessity. Whichever group you belong to there are a few unwritten rules to follow.

Talk to people

Christmas party is a great opportunity to talk to your colleagues from different departments or to have a casual chat with your boss. Over a glass of champagne most colleagues will take up subjects for which there is no time nor the right opportunity at workplace. But remember, there are some subjects you should really avoid. It's a taboo to talk about work issues, family problems or asking for a raise. If you are unsure how to mingle among people and try to start a “small talk” just check out our recent blog post “The Art of Small Talk” on this topic.

Dress for the occasion

Dress code? Do you ever feel overdressed or underdressed? Well it happens to all of us at some point, so make sure you find out what the dress code for the occasion is. Jeans are mostly off limits at Christmas parties, but paired with a Christmas jumper? I can’t imagine it would offend anyone. So, let’s see what your creations are going to be this year.

Be there on time

Most parties start with a speech from the management or the boss and to come during such a speech is highly inappropriate. So, make sure you give yourself enough time to arrive on time.

Sustenance etiquette

Alternate alcohol with non-alcoholic drinks. The main thing is to enjoy the party but coming to work the next day ashamed is simply not worth it. In terms of food, try not to go back in regular intervals nor to put too much on the plate at once. Some articles say to eat a little bit before the party, so you don't end up eating too much at the expense of a conversation with others.

Party in good spirits

Christmas is not only about reflection, peace and spending time with your family and friends but it’s also the holiday of good food and drinks. So please, enjoy your company party as much as you can, considering you keep some of our advice in mind.

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