Blog > Tips & Tutorials, Coding Jan 03, 2017

JavaScript Debouncing Tutorial

You already know what throttling is and how to use this technique from our last video. In this tutorial we explain the big brother of throttling - which is called debouncing.

Blog > Tips & Tutorials, Coding Nov 16, 2016

JavaScript Throttling Tutorial

With throttling approach in javascript you save valuable resources especially with ajax usage. Throttling has wide range of applying, not only in reading progress bar.

Blog > Tips & Tutorials, Coding Nov 03, 2016

How to build a reading progress indicator in Javascript

Add a nice reading progress bar widget to your website. Watch and enjoy our first video tutorial: Building a reading progress indicator.

Blog > Coding Oct 10, 2016

How to write PHP correctly

PHP has been around for 21 years now, since the first version of the language appeared in 1995. During this long period, the language went through a lot of changes and improvements and has provided many developers with valuable experience. In this article, you will find four valuable resources of coding standards and best practices.

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