Posted in Work lifestyle Nov 08, 2016

Sporting with a cause

The running season is almost over, however, there’s no reason to stop running or sporting. Sport not only makes you feel good, but it also helps you perform better at work.

Posted in Tips & Tutorials, Coding Nov 03, 2016

How to build a reading progress indicator in Javascript

Add a nice reading progress bar widget to your website. Watch and enjoy our first video tutorial: Building a reading progress indicator.

Posted in Work lifestyle Oct 26, 2016

Benefits of Teambuilding

There is no better way to connect with your colleagues than to spend some time with them outside of the office. You can grab drinks after work, arrange classic teambuilding activities, which are normally organized by companies which specialize in teambuilding or do it our way, not a traditional one.

Posted in Coding Oct 10, 2016

How to write PHP correctly

PHP has been around for 21 years now, since the first version of the language appeared in 1995. During this long period, the language went through a lot of changes and improvements and has provided many developers with valuable experience. In this article, you will find four valuable resources of coding standards and best practices.

Posted in Work lifestyle Sep 21, 2016

Everyday battle: Coffee vs Tea

When choosing between coffee and tea at work, do you go for your preferred drink or do you consider which is the 'healthier' option?

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