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Visual brand strategy for
Nazaire Perfumes

Are you looking for a real men’s fragrance with strong heart? Nazaire, an all new company in this field, asked us for help and we took this challenge seriously.

Brand idea

Our goal was to find the idea that represents the passion of Nazaire to create the best fragrances in the world. Nazaire luxurious scents are made from the best oils and extracts to meet the best perfection and we put it on paper.

 Triangle is the symbol of men, mountains and the sun. It represents the power of brand and their high goals.

 Circle stands for infinity, perfection and unity of Nazaire fragrances.

Nazaire Logo Concept

Logo concept

Logo design is the combination of two symbols: triangles and circles.

Logo variations

As the logo will be placed on many various surfaces and boxes with various sizes and ratios, we designed a pair of logo variations which can be used.

Nazaire logo.

“Blazon” type logo as the primary corporate identity.


Title logo can be used for low and wide spaces. I.e. Retail shop banner.

Color palette

R: 39, G: 39, B: 39
C: 71, M: 65, Y: 64, K: 69
HEX: #272727

R: 231, G: 231, B: 231
C: 8, M: 6, Y: 6, K: 0
HEX: #E7E7E7

R: 255, G: 255, B: 255
C: 0, M: 0, Y: 0, K: 0

Brand execution

Nazaire bottle.
Nazaire bottle.
Nazaire bottle.

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